International Folkloric Society


Who We Are

Formed in 1986, The International Folkloric Society (IFS) is a non-profit organization based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Our mission is to promote and preserve international cultural heritage with a primary focus on the arts.

What We Do

As a longstanding member of C.I.O.F.F. (International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Art), we have a rich history of creating and sustaining relationships with similar organizations worldwide. As a result of these relationships, we are able to accomplish two goals:

  1. Introduce Middle Tennessee to performers from around the world and to their cultures;
  2. Introduce the world to the wonderful history and culture that Tennessee embodies.

How We Meet Our Goals

The best way to fulfill our mission of promoting international cultures is to physically bring them to our country and vice versa. For years, IFS has played a large role in sending traditional Appalachian dancers and musicians to festivals all over the world.  Likewise, IFS has made it possible for overseas performers to bring their talents and heritage to our local communities:

In order to maintain relationships & interest, it is the policy of IFS to keep the expenses of international guests to a minimum.  Upon arrival in the community, IFS ensures that all food, lodging and transportation are provided to performers (excluding international airfare). This is where your assistance is needed!

How You Can Help

With the assistance of government grants, IFS has organized international festivals in Murfreesboro since 1982.  However, IFS is now looking for the opportunity to bring a much larger scale event directly to Murfreesboro’s downtown area.  It is our goal to create a festival that has the potential to become bigger and better each year, resulting in increased tourism and local business patronage.  Some of the special events that we want to include in this festival are:


The dates for this festival are Sunday, June 13 through Sunday, June 20, 2010.


In order to make this event a success, there are three things that we need:

  1. YOUR TIME: There are many jobs during the festival for which volunteers are needed (tour guides for groups, hospitality, event workers, host families).
  2. YOUR TALENTS: Any services that you or your business could provide in lieu of or in addition to financial support would be greatly needed and appreciated.
  3. YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT: We will appreciate financial support of any kind, whether it’s in the form of a monetary donation or in the form of attending the performances.


Please make plans to help us in any way that you can.